Bring hands-on STEM and CompSci learning into your classroom

Our mobile makerspaces provide engaging activities aligned to NGSS, ISTE and CSTA academic standards, that foster computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Bring maker education into your classroom

Makercarts foster computational thinking and inspire a maker mindset - by providing a safe, CompSci standards-aligned environment for tinkering and creating.

STEAM and STEM maker activities
education partnerships

Encourage self-directed learning

Experience the joy of self-directed learning with the posters that accompany each Makercart activity! Scaffolded by the Design Thinking process, these posters spark curiosity while guiding students to explore and innovate.

Customize your Cart

Pick and choose from over 100 maker activities from themes like Computational Thinking, Climate Education and STEAM. Create curricular connections with your Cart, and transform your classroom into a vibrant learning space.

Fully standards-aligned

Makercart transforms standards-based learning into an exhilarating journey. All our activities align with crucial benchmarks like NGSS, Common Core, CSTA and ISTE standards. Make achieving educational goals an exciting adventure!

Educators LOVE the Makercart!

I think your program is phenomenal because it offers students both voice and choice. That to us, is one of the most serious pieces of 21st-century learning.

Elizabeth Culkin

Principal, P.S. 176 The Ovington

New York City, NY

Your team’s expertise, experience and sincere support have been critical to the success of our school’s maker journey. Thank you for growing the maker community in our school (and beyond)!

Siew Khim Teo

Vice-Principal, Fuhua Primary School


I can definitely see [myself] integrating more technology – more of these programmes [you have shared with us] – because they line up with our curriculum and because of how excited my students were to complete them.

Emily Bocan

1st Grade Teacher, Central Dauphin Sch District

Harrisburg, PA

Students love it too!

Our activities are all about hands-on learning and exploration, turning every lesson into a fun-filled adventure. From building robots to creating art, the Makercart a 'learn by doing' mindset in students.

There's a Cart for everyone

Whether you’re looking for activities for your classroom or your Makerspace, there's a Cart for you. Choose between two formats, depending on your usage.

Lab Makercart



  • 8 activities
  • Dimensions: 6’ x 4’ x 1.6’
  • Ideal for permanent placement, e.g. in the school Makerspace

Mobile Makercart



  • 4 activities
  • Dimensions: 4' x 3' x 1.5'
  • Highly portable - ideal for after-school and classroom activities

We provide flexible pricing solutions, tailored to fit every organization's budget. Get in touch for a customized quote!

Makercarts are eligible for federal/state funding. Contact us for more details.

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